On Deck Capital also goes by Direct Capital told me I could pay it off early without penalty. When I went to pay off the loan they still charged me all the future interest left on the loan.

No real loan does that. This is a money advance scam that uses an internet bank to send out the money. On Deck Capital uses B of I, Bank of Internet with not one location. I went ahead and paid them off to get rid of them and now I find out they have a lien with the Secretary of States office eventhough I paid them off.

They told me they would not put a lien on my business so they used a different name called Corporation Services Company aka On Deck Capital. Believe nothing they say.

On Deck Capital or Direct Capital avoid them. See the reviews for Direct Capital also.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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Nicest ever when you start the process. Then they kept saying.

Just one more document and you are approved. Then they said your approved but we can't complete the transaction because your company name doesn't match your IRS name. Totally a scam to get your business financial info and sell it to your creditors. If a guy named Aaron Gomez calls from on deck.

He is using a false name.

The "underwriters" don't exist. That is the supervisor standing behind him in the call center.


Typical 'Don't believe anything they say' starts out on a good relationship note. On Deck Capital will tell you anything you want to hear to take advantage of you.

Don't believe what they say and have your attorney read all 8-10 pages of fine print. That sums up a lending relationship with On Deck Capital

Fairport, New York, United States #635558

On-Deck and Direct Capital are two totally different companies. While they may partner to deliver financial products, they are not connected in anyway..

do some research.

Sounds like you didn't read the fine print, shame on you. Try reaching out to the President of the company you have an issue with directly, I am sure they would be more than happy to help you with your issue.

to Bluemoon #980754

whats legit about payback rates as high as 67%? Why would I talk to a scam artist president over such garbage as that?

Another loser company sucking the life out of small business to feed someone's 1 million a year salary. If you buy into this kind or rate payback you need a lobotomy.

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